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Q & A with the Chef                                       (actual questions emailed by patrons, actual answers by Chef Bobby Burdette)

Q:  Why do you not serve alcohol?

A: We (at the Boondocks) had an opportunity to purchase a liquor license when we first came into the area and decided to build.  We ultimately decided not to purchase the license because of the distinct number of established businesses in the county who were already serving alcohol.  Growing up in a small town where bars & liquor stores overshadowed the landscape of any other businesses, we decided against it, and focused more on being a family/children friendly-style atmosphere.  There are plenty of places to get a drink around the towns here in MoCo; we just probably will not ever be one of them.


Q:  How did you come up with the name "The Boondocks BBQ & Grill"?

A:  It was late into 2007 when we purchased the building that would soon become our restaurant.  Several names for it had come into consideration: Hog's Head Tavern, The Sawmill, Bobby B's BBQ... but it wasn't until an onlooker approached us one day and asked us "Why in the world would we want to put a restaurant out in the middle of the boondocks?"  Then everything seemed to click.  And the rest is history!


Q:  Have you thought about outdoor seating & a dock for the river?

A:  Yes, and Yes -- and, ultimately No.  Unfortunately, the cost of insurance & risk of vandals destroying property left unattended after hours has forced us not to build on in that direction.  Anyone local can tell you how many people trespass around that area at night, and unattended furniture & a dock would only entice destruction or property and, worse, possible injury due to  unsupervised actions.  Better safe than sorry.


Q:  Are their any big secrets to your BBQ or cooking?

A:  Secrets?  No. Just a simple formula: use great ingredients to produce a great product.  Be true to your trade; if you tell people you serve hand-cut aged steaks, you'd better not be serving thaw and serve bottom grade beef.  That's one thing we can hold our head's up high against our competition with.  We never serve a product that we're not proud of.  That's how we've gotten to where we are today.


Q:  Why don't you guys serve pizza?

A:  Are you serious?! What are there, like 500 pizza joints in this area???  Next question, please!


Q:  Is there ever going to be  another Boondocks somewhere else?

A:  Currently we ARE considering & looking for places to franchise.  A few of these places are Parkersburg, Zanesville, Marietta & Athens.


Q:  Have you ever thought about doing Breakfast at The Boondocks?

A:  Hmmm... we'll get back with you about that one later... ;)


Q:  Who do you consider your inspiration for your menu and different foods you offer?

A:  Honestly, we've taken a little bit of our menu from every place we've ever eaten.  We wanted to offer folks in Morgan County the best of everything they would normally drive to the bigger local cities to get; Italian foods, Ribs, Mexican, hand-cut Steaks, Seafood... you name it.  To coincide with The Boondocks theme, we made our menu open to ideas as well; many of our items available have been inspired by local suggestion - in the culinary world, that's called Regional Cuisine.  We've always known that Southern Ohio is a "Meat and Potatoes" kind of area; what we were surprised to learn, though, was how many distinct different palettes we have in Morgan County.  And that's why we offer everything from a one-pound double bacon cheeseburger to Vegetarian Alfredo Pasta. So if I have to credit anyone as inspiration for our menu in the restaurant, it has to be our patrons.

Q:  I noticed the last time we came into your restaurant that there seemed to be a lot of rules to follow; like, waiting to be seated, what side dishes we can and can not have with specials, things of that nature.  Doesn't that seem like a bit much for people to follow?

A:  I can see your point.  Some of these things may seem a bit forward.
But we like to keep things in perspective for people, so that their are not surprises or unexpected charges to their meals. Outside of Morgan County, almost all restaurants ask you to wait to be seated, to ensure that you do not get sat at a dirty table, in a section that may not be open, or that you take a table that may have been previously reserved.  As far as swapping out sides on a special dish, that kind of negates the whole purpose of a special.  Specials are generally priced cheaply so that they can be sold fast and easily - a set meal at a set price.  Changing up a special no longer makes it a special (i.e., changing side dishes, etc.), therefore, it changes the price around. It is never personal, just business!

Q:  Why can adults no longer order from a Children's Menu?

A:  Adults have never been allowed to order food from a Children's Menu.  It has only been recently that we have started noticing it's abuse, and decided to stop it.  In order to continue our low prices, these kinds of things must be enforced.  This particular menu was priced cheaply to accommodate your child when they come to eat, and never meant to be used by adults.  We offer Senior Meals, smaller portions on most items, and even custom meals upon request.  Their really is no reason to try and save a buck by ordering a Kiddie Mac & Cheese.  Most other restaurants do not allow this either. 

Q: How can I apply/receive a donation or gift for a charitable affiliation?

A:  Just come in and ask for Maria or Bobby (B.J.), and tell us a little about your organization, group or need.  We rarely turn anyone away empty handed  :)


Q: Do you REALLY serve Alligator in your restaurant?

A: Yes we do!  Every 3rd weekend of the month we feature Deep Fried Alligator Bites w/ Cajun Ranch dipping sauce.  NO -- we do not catch it out of the river (this gets asked more often than you may think!).  We have it shipped in from a farm in Florida, marinate it for two days in buttermilk and a few other secret spices (salt & pepper), then batter it and deep fry it to order.  As far as we know, we are the only place in the HISTORY of Morgan County to serve such a treat.


Q:  Why do you serve your food on plastic plates and bowls?

A:  It isn't plastic; it's a kevlar-type material called Melamine. It is used in most major restaurants, and doesn't shatter when dropped like ceramic or glass plates. Safer, lighter, more easily stored and used...win, win!



Q:  Why haven't you paved your driveway? I never eat anywhere that doesn't look amazing outside and in.

A: We pride ourselves on being a hole-in-the-wall, blue-collar eatery. The inside of our restaurant has over 100k worth of hand cut wood, tables and decorum relative to country living - and the majority of our guests dig that (We ARE The Boondocks, after all). If we aren't fancy enough for you,
that's on you.  Gravel drives, killer food, unbeatable service: THAT is
The Boondocks.  The Ritz is a few more miles up north. We are simple folk. Tell 'em Bob sent ya.



Q: Why do I have to pay extra for extra sauces and cheese?

A: Think of your meal as a new car, right off the lot. If you want bigger rims, better speakers or 4-wheel drive, you always have to pay more. What we sell you is a base product, as well; if you wish to alter it, add more, take away something, that's at your discretion. But, extras always cost..well, extra.



Q: Why won't you take money off my bill if I only want a Sandwich, but no Side Dish?

A: The Side Dish(es) with Sandwiches and Meals are complimentary to the pricing. Same goes with Breads with Entrees. It's the same cost whether you order side dishes or not. We do not have Ala Carte pricing, sorry!




Q: So, why can't I get a $5 Meal after 4 pm? And why cant I get it on the weekend?

A: The $5 Menu is designed to compliment our elderly lunch crowd, mostly. Or a guest who just wants something to munch on rather than a nice BBQ feast. We're also the only folks in the area who offer such a deal, and we make Jack Splat on it (Honestly...!). So, the weekends are when we concentrate on making some "scrilla" to pay the bills. #wurd
**Editor's Note: our boss is anything but hip...our apologies.**



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